Stevie Soul and Bird Box Author Josh Malerman


Stevie Soul and Bird Box Author Josh Malerman

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Danialle gets to know Detroit beatboxer Stevie Soul and hears the story of how he transformed a childhood weakness into an incredible strength. Then, Bird Box author Josh Malerman spills details on the hit movie’s upcoming sequel, Malorie, and shares insight into the man behind the Netflix phenomenon.

Beatboxer Stevie Soul

Stevie Soul spent his childhood struggling with a stuttering problem. By high school, he discovered beat boxing, and turned his limitation into a strength. He stops by Lucy to share his story with Danialle.

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Bird Box Author Josh Malerman

Next, you may know Josh Malerman from Bird Box, his book-turned-Netflix-phenomenon. But in this wide-ranging conversation, he and Danialle step outside the, well, box to cover everything from Malerman’s band crashing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to how he met his fiance (hint: there was a Sharpie involved). The pair also discusses Bird Box and its upcoming sequel, Malorie.

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