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Danialle Karmanos in Lucy
Karma Has Spoken
Karma Has Spoken Trailer

Welcome to Karma Has Spoken. A podcast that’s a chance for us to connect in a uniquely cool, meaningful way.

Karma is the sum of our actions. And I like to hang out with people who are interesting, and inspiring, and live their lives fearlessly and boldly. Following their karma. Our lives, this moment, our purpose is all about happiness. Intentional happiness with meaningful connections. And our conversations here is a chance to connect and take it all in. Soak up the inspirations, feed our soul and ignite our minds.

I think there is something really powerful that happens when our hearts are on fire and our heads are filled with ideas. My favorite two words are “What if.” What if we think outside the box. What if we break the rules. What if we think there are no rules. What if we dare to be the best version of ourselves. I believe you can be completely bold and badass and kind while laughing and learning and being blissfully content.

And who am I? My name is Danialle Karmanos, and karma is in my name. And my life is a combination of all the little parts that make up, me. I’m a wife and mom. I love adventure and I love to laugh. I’m a friend and social entrepreneur. I’m a beekeeper and knitter and crafter and have six chicks. I box and meditate. And sitting still is not my strong suit. And at any given moment, I can feel completely overwhelmed and inspired at exactly the same time. And were here right now, in my retro trailer “Lucy”. She’s locked, stocked and ready to take us for a ride. I hope we learn a little, laugh a lot. And feel inspired to try something new. So let’s jump in!

– Danialle

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