The Eye of the Beholder with Dr. Bill Koppin and DIA Vice President Elliot Broom

The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but they are also the windows to your overall health and well being. Dr. Bill Koppin of Shades Optical in Birmingham is our expert, explaining how an eye exam can reveal signs of diabetes, high blood pressure and auto immune diseases. Of course we touch on eyewear fashion as well.

Next, Danialle’s longtime friend Elliot Broom joins the podcast for a wide-ranging conversation. Danialle and Elliot’s shared experience working at the Ritz Carlton taught them about pride in their work and attention to detail, including the “trash pocket.” Elliot explains his role as VP of Operations for the Detroit Institute of Arts, what the museum is up to and how art appreciation really is in the eye of beholder. Elliot also describes some of the more unusual pieces that now adorn his living space.