Chicken Lady Susan Griffiths and Interior Designer Corey Damen Jenkins


Susan Griffiths, otherwise known as the “The Chicken Lady,” talks about her company, Rent The Chicken — and runs down everything you need to know if you’re thinking of raising your own chicks. Danialle also gets to know interior designer Corey Damen Jenkins, who shares the rocky career journey that eventually led him to HGTV.

Susan Griffiths, AKA “The Chicken Lady”

Susan Griffiths is better known as “The Chicken Lady.” In this era of sustainability, she connects people with chickens to keep as pets and a source of food. She and Danialle talk chicken “personalities,” and Susan also explains the process of bringing chickens home and how to best care for them. For more information visit,


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Corey Damen Jenkins

Corey Damen Jenkins knocked on 778 doors (he counted) before he got a “yes.” Laid off from his corporate job in the midst of a recession, he started his own interior design company and struggled to get it off the ground. Don’t be fooled by his cameo on HGTV, his appearance at Kips Bay and his offices in Michigan and New York — he’s anything but an overnight success. For more information visit


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