About Karma Has Spoken Podcast

About the Karma Has Spoken Podcast

Danialle Karmanos is not a lady who lunches.  She is obsessed with big-hearted, innovative thinkers — men and women who see obstacles as opportunities or carpe diem. And she loves talking to people who dare-to-dream and make it happen. Especially the ones who do it with camaraderie and kindness. That’s what the Karma Has Spoken podcast is about.  Intimate conversations with dynamic leaders and innovators who went after their dreams and have made a big impact in their communities along the way.  Danialle also digs into the lifestyle experiences we are dying to know more about or try ourselves.

About Danialle

About Karma Has Spoken PodcastDanielle Karmanos is a Michigan philanthropist, humanitarian, journalist, activist, and social entrepreneur.

In 2017, Karmanos founded The Cuddlers, a volunteer-based movement started at Children’s Hospital of Michigan to cuddle and comfort hospitalized infants and children. In 2005, Karmanos founded Danialle Karmanos Kids Work It Out (DKWIO), which, in partnership with the Children's Hospital of Michigan, uses a social emotional learning based approach to promote optimum health in mind, body, and spirit through a comprehensive nutritional and yoga-based approach that reduces anxiety, prevents childhood obesity, and increases self-esteem.

Karmanos has been a mom's columnist for Styleline Magazine and a guest blogger for Metromodemedia.com. She is the author of the hardcover book about her husband entitled, Pete Karmanos – A Life in Progress: Building a Business, Giving Back, Raising a Family. Karmanos currently serves on the board of trustees for the College for Creative Studies, the Board of Directors for the Michigan Opera Theatre and is a founding member, board member and former Chair of the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.

Danialle's most important role is mothering her four boys. She also enjoys beekeeping, boxing, knitting and traveling.

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